New Website is almost Finished! is almost finished!

Well I have been chipping away at it all weekend and I am almost done my webpage. All I have left now is my logo! Oh and a couple of page clean ups, but besides that I am extremely happy with my self. I have litterally changed my font and colors 50+ times at this point, not to mention reorganizing my layout and changing it completely atleast 10 times.

Anyways go and check it out! I also added a Subscribe button.

I am also going to be updating a bunch this week and releasing my next drawing to my endangered species series.


The Crayon’s, a personal Story

image1 (3)

Before I became a parent, crayons were on a mental pedestal.

Now, I am not saying that I loved crayons. I am saying in my mind I appreciated them a heckuva lot more than most. You always pick something before you have kids to call your soap box and mine was crayons.

“How wasteful to just throw a crayon away.”

“Not my kid. I won’t be throwing their crayons away……IF I ever have one.”

Lots of people do this before they have kids; they pick………….CLICK HERE FOR MORE

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Getting in a Blogging Rhythm on my New Website



If you haven’t seen, I have a New website over at and I have been trying to regularly make blog post over there! I am very excited because today I released my 3 installment of my endangered species and I have been drawing up a storm with my nautical series. You can see current prints that I have up along with original art work at Lindsey Junkins Etsy shop. Please follow and subscribe to my new website and blog at! I will only be updating on here on rare occasions!


Here is my recent post about the Gharial :

And a Little teaser of my tarantula I drew a few weeks ago!

11047934_833465213411976_813346454647440182_n (1)


New Blog posts up At


New blog posts at my website

Please check out Random Scribbles and Whooping Cranes for new updates and artwork. Also please feel free to Subscribe to my new website. I will be working on figuring out how to transfer everyone on this website to my new one shortly. Sorry, for the conflict and please hop over to my Facebook Page for current drawings and Spastic Drawings which will be happening on Wednesday this week!


Lindsey Junkins


Flower drawings from the week 03/02-03/08


Posting this a little late this week. Anyways here are the seven flowers I drew last week. Do not forget, check in with facebook and twitter for work in progress pictures. I hope everyone has a great weekend and those in the North keep warm! Maybe next week some Georgia heat will come up your way!

Quick Note: If you are interested in any of these flowers, check out my etsy page. I will be adding flowers that are for sale, every week.








Blue Orchid


Tulip Magnolias




Black Eyed Susan’s